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New Zealand Day 1: Getting There

We’re outta here!  Off we go to New Zealand to celebrate what I have coined our “Mooniversary” (part honeymoon part anniversary just in case it isn’t obvious…lol).

After 31 hours of travel we have arrived in Christchurch!

Not. Even. Tired.  So Excited!

After collecting our luggage we are off to pick up our motor home.

Yes my friends, I said motor home.   Our New Zealand adventure includes and RV, camper, home on wheels, call it what you will it doesn’t change the fact that I Amber am going to be spending the next 10 days in a motor home.

Before we dive into the awesomeness of what is NZ, let me tell you how we ended up touring the S. Island in a motor home.  As you can guess this was not my first choice in mode of transportation or accommodations.  Nope, I was completely opposed to this idea (that is until it became my idea).

Backstory (quick version):

Jules:  Honey, we should get a camper to go around NZ.

Me:  Ummmmm….No, I do NOT “camp”.

–end of discussion

Several weeks later…

Me:  Hey Honey, I’ve been thinking (wait for it), we should rent a camper to go around NZ.  It would be so much easier since we will be moving around a lot.  That way we don’t have to pack/unpack all the time.

Jules:  SMH…Ok, honey.  Great idea.

Good thing he loves me.

So that is how ended up booking our motor home with Wilderness.

After an hour or so of the ins/outs and dos/don’ts of camper rental we hit the open road.  I feel so rugged.

Our first destination is Lake Tekapo to spend our first night in NZ “freedom camping” (aka camping w/out facilities).  Our drive between Christchurch and Lake Tekapo didn’t disappoint.  Plenty of “oooh, ahhh, honey pull over I want a picture of that”  moments.

We find our perfect spot with amazing views and settle in for the night.  Definitely a must see if you’re cruising around the S. Island.  So far this freedom camping thing rocks!

We spend a beautiful night out in the wilderness surrounded by a gorgeous lake and majestic mountains.  The next morning these fantastic views are enhanced by the rising sun.  Good morning NZ.  We love you already.  We take a lovely walk around, snap some pics and work up an appetite.

Time for Jules to make some breaky and for me to…well…..ummm, let’s just say I gotta go.  Thank God we have a toilet.  I DO NOT poop in nature.  Ahhhh, the perks of a motor home.

Now that is out of the way we enjoy our breakfast and plan out our day.

Jules:  Honeeeyyyy…..

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