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New Zealand Day 3: Roaming around Queenstown

Today is another day in paradise.  We’re taking a much more relaxed approach to our day today.  So shopping it is!  That is until we kept getting sticker shock.  Queenstown you’re so fancy and expensive.  So we abandon our “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” and decide relaxing is for the weak.

Another adventure we seek!

But not before we eat pavlova and have a cup of tea, of course.  This is not my first rodeo with the pav.  Oh noooo. Being married to an Aussie guarantees at least one pavlova experience.   Sorry my Kiwi friends, Mama Brunt’s pavlova will give you a run for your money any day.  Still the best pav I’ve ever had.

With my sweet tooth satisfied we purchase tickets for a gondola ride up the mountain to get another birds eye view of Queenstown.

Note:  This is a great option if Helicopters aren’t in your budget or just aren’t your thing.

Surprise!  The views from up here are amazing.  Get your camera’s ready because every spot is a photo op.

Believe it or not we actually didn’t take that many photos up here.  We were too busy soaking it all in.

I also learned something new up here.  My husband (an Ag pilot) is afraid of heights.  Weird.  So of course I kept close to the edge…lol.

After taunting my husband for just a bit we find something more his speed to entertain us.

Yes, he felt the need the need for speed (who doesn’t love a Top Gun reference).  Up here to feel the wind whipping in your face so hard tears stream down it, you take the luge.   At first I’m not so keen.  I start to have flashbacks to the time when I was a young girl racing my bike down a hill, when a piece of concrete jumped up and sent me flying through the air.  What must goes up must come down on it’s face (a defining moment between me and non-motorized vehicles).  No, I did not feel the need to race down the side of a mountain in what is essentially a roller skate for your body.

But I did…


We raced down that mountain at death defying speeds.  Our fingers were numb and snot was running out of our noses.  It was exhilarating.  So we did it two more times and bought the pictures to prove it.

With our adrenaline spiked we head to the observation deck for a few “cheeky” drinks (as Jules would say).  While sipping on our adult beverages and gazing out the windows floating objects began to obscure our view.   I know I’m a light weight but I’m pretty sure I’m not quite that buzzed.

Nope, those are just two humans strapped together tethered to a parachute.  Just gently floating down from the mountain to a landing spot somewhere below.   Maybe it’s the wine but I comment to Jules on how peaceful it looks (who am I kidding it was totally the wine).  I just can’t stop watching these tiny specs of people gliding through the sky.

So of course I want to do this!  Jules knows I want to do this.

Jules:  “Hon, do you want to do that?”

Me:  “Yes!”

Jules : “Go see how much it is and lets do it.”

Now this may seem a little odd given my aversion to the luge and Jules’s to heights but no one said we’re logical.   And must I remind you….

When a man loves a woman…

It didn’t matter how much it was going to cost (ok, maybe a little) because we are going to do this!

FYI, it cost around $200 NZD per person.  Again, these are nearly once in a lifetime experiences so we are splurging a bit on this trip.  

Tickets bought and we are booked for a morning glide!

Woot Woot!

Come back tomorrow for more adventures.

Safe travels,

Amber & Jules