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New Zealand Day 8 & 9: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Today we have to turn in our home away from home.  The home that got us around the South Island.  The home that was always waiting for us at the end of each adventurous day.  The home we could not poop in.

We turned in old reliable and completed the last couple of our days in NZ in a little red Yaris.  Not exactly as spacious as our previous mode of transportation.   It’s so cute.

A piece of advice:  If you’re planning a trip to NZ rent a R.V..  It truly is the way to go.  We saw more R.V.’s on the road than regular cars.

We crammed our luggage ( I totally over packed) into our tiny little Yaris and drove from Christchurch to a quaint town called Akaroa.  We were told by Julian’s sister that this is a must see.  So we’re going to see it.

The weather is still dreary but the views are still picturesque.  At this point that shouldn’t be so shocking because NZ is just beautiful regardless of the what the weather brings.

Just a bit chilly out here!
Our first crappy day! We got lucky!

Akaroa is a sleepy little town in September.   No big epic adventures here.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy our time to just wander around but we both agreed we would’ve rather tacked on another day to our stay in Queenstown.  Alas, we didn’t know and possibly just didn’t get to see Akarora in full swing.  After our quiet night in Akaroa we head back to Christchurch.

I’m totally fascinated by these hedges!

We spent our last day in Christchurch taking in a bit of culture  We walked around the Canterbury Museum

We enjoyed the various exhibits that are housed in the Canterbury Museum.

Then of course we had to do some shopping!!  We found this great boutique shopping center called The Tannery.   I picked up several locally made goodies at Wools Yarn and Fibre.   We then window shopped in several of the other stores.   I really loved these shops as they are mostly local items.   If you enjoy boutique shopping I recommend strolling through this fantastic historical buildings.

Alas, it is time to say good-bye to New Zealand.  It is truly a breathtaking part of the world.  If it’s not on your bucket list it should be.

It’s time to head to OZ.  Whitsundays here we come!!  The Mooniversay continues.

Safe Travels,

Amber & Jules