New Zealand Day 8 & 9: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Today we have to turn in our home away from home.  The home that got us around the South Island.  The home that was always waiting for us at the end of each adventurous day.  The home we could not poop in. We turned in old reliable and completed the last couple of our days in NZ in a little red Yaris.  Not exactly as spacious as our previous mode of transportation.   It's so cute.

A piece of advice:  If you're planning a trip to NZ rent a R.V..  It truly is the way to go.  We saw more R.V.'s on the road than regular cars.
We crammed our luggage ( I totally over packed) into our tiny little Yaris and drove from Christchurch to a quaint town called Akaroa.  We were told by Julian's sister that this is a must see.  So we're going to see it.

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