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New Zealand Day 4: Jumping Off Mountains

Today is the day we get to soar like birds!  This should be a breeze.   So back up the mountain we go.

We’re a little early due to our eagerness so we grab some breakfast and a couple cups of tea.   I can’t believe we are actually going to do this.  Oh Lord, what are we thinking.  It’s fine…we’re fine…it’ll all be fine.  Right?!

Ok, shop is open.  Time to make sure we pass the weight limit.  Wait, what a weight limit?!  Oh boy we shouldn’t of had that pavlova yesterday.  Just kidding, one never says they should of never had a pavlova.  We shouldn’t of eaten anything else yesterday.

This is nuts! Well here goes nothin’….

Whew…we passed!   We are working with professionals here and a couple extra kg’s isn’t going to stop them, right honey.

Our pros at GForce are fantastic.  They assuage all your fears and/or anxieties.

I’m strapped up to the nail bitter pictured above (aka Dan) and Jules is riddin’ shotgun with Dom.

Once all strapped and buckled up we wait for the wind to be in our favor.

Ok, it’s in our favor.  It’s time to hurl ourselves off the side of this mountain.

Ready (this is a rhetorical question) ?!  

Run, Run, Run, Run, Fly….

Whhaaaattt….we are totally flying!  This is so freaking cool!

Slowly I release my white knuckle grip, sit back and extend my arms out like wings.  We glide to the left then we glide to the right.   Back and Forth.  I even get to “drive” for a min.  I’m asked if I want to do any tricks.  Ummmm…no.  I thinks it’s best if I don’t puke all over myself or him for that matter (I tend to get a little motion sick).  Of course, I look over at Jules and their twirling and circling all over the place.  Yep, this is his thing (and he has the stomach for it).

Gracefully we glide our way to the ground.

Ready (again, rhetorical)?

Thump, Run, Run, Run, Run, Breathe…

Once reunited on the ground Jules and I excitedly tell each other about our experiences.  Needless to say we both had an A-Mazing time.

Just as we started our visit in Queenstown we ended it with an adventure.  Back into our temporary home to make our way up the west coast.

Good-bye Queenstown.  We thank you for the epic adventures!

Next stop…Haast.

Nothing to see here folks.  Keep moving.

Next stop…Fox Glacier.

I should note that the drive between Haast and Fox Glacier was not as thrilling as any of the routes we’ve taken thus far.   Can’t win them all, not even in NZ.

Safe Travels,

Amber & Jules