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New Zealand Day 4: Glaciers and the Sea

If you enjoy hikes then do this.  If you don’t then do a drive by, wave and say hi!

Don’t get me wrong this is still a true wonder it just wasn’t as wondrous as it’s made out to be.




Fun Fact:  Fox Glacier is slowly receding so to even see what equates to a partial glacier view you have to hike quite a ways.

So strap on your hiking’ shoes and get ready to burn some calories.

Fox Glacier
Franz Joseph Glacier: That little white patch of snow snuggled between the two mountians.

And not to be neglected is the Franz Joseph Glacier.  It too is receding but we opted out of chasing this one.  Though if one was to hike up to a glacier this would be the better choice.

Instead we hiked about 20 minutes to a spectacular viewing point.  I think the idea of “seeing” a glacier is cool.  But I’m not sure NZ is the ideal place where one should check that off their bucket list.  Just sayin’.

I should also mention that there is one place we should’ve hike around.  This beautiful place is Lake Matheson.  I was in a mood and decided we weren’t going to hike around this lake. Nope, instead I was a pouty bitch and decided the hike up to the glacier was a better choice.  BIG MISTAKE!

This lake is also known as “Mirror Lake”.  Why, because it reflects spectacular views of the Fox Glacier.  Ugh….still. kicking. myself.

So because of my bitchiness I provide you with a link instead of a bad ass photo.

Do as I say here and not as I did…DO NOT SKIP THIS!

It’s getting late and we’re all hiked out.  Time to make tracks and find another holiday park to set up “camp” in.

Score!  The holiday park in Greymouth is freakin’ awesome!!!  This site butts right up agains the sea.  Woot Woot!

Jules fires up the barby and tonight we dine on the beach.

What a lovely evening we had.  We had a picnic on the beach, watched the sunset and took it all in.

Cheers NZ!  You do not disappoint.

Safe Travels,

Amber & Jules