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New Zealand Day 2: Queenstown: Happy Anniversary!

Four hours of gorgeous views and several stops for photo ops (notice a theme here) we arrive in Queenstown.

First and immediate stop (no, not the bathroom) is Heli Tours! We both love to fly so this is an absolute must on our list.

Since it is our 1 year anniversary we splurge (about $1800 USD ) and charter our own private heli tour over/around Queenstown.  If you can work this into your budget, DO IT!  They also offer group tours if you want a less expensive option.

Visit their site here

So begins our EPIC ADVENTURE!

Here are just a few words that describe the experience:

Stunning, Beautiful, Spectacular, Breathtaking and Surreal!



Our first stop is at a little “airport” nestled between the mountains overlooking the bay.  I feel so fancy!

Our first “off the grid” landing spot is Madagascar beach.  It is just us and our wonderful pilot Ben (pronounced “Bin” in your best NZ accent).

Meet Ben!

We hung out and enjoyed the waves crashing against the rocks.  Cupped our hands and drank from a fresh (and cold) glacier fed stream that fed into the ocean.


Next stop…a mountain top.  Yes, we set the bird down on top of an untouched snow packed mountain peak. Though unsettling at first it’s also thrilling.  I just want to bust out into my best rendition of the “Hills are alive with the sound of music” but thought better of it as I don’t want to cause an avalanche (or subject the men to such torture).


After snapping a few must have pics back into the Heli we go. We complete our 3 hour tour with more inspiring views.

Every part of this tour was worth every penny.  $$$ well spent!

Best. Anniversary. Present. Ever!

With our feet planted back on the ground we decide to just chill and soak in our flight over Queensland.  We load back up into old reliable and back track about 20k to an adorable little town called Arrowtown.  If you’re ever out in that neck of the woods stop on by.   There are cute boutique shops and a fantastic pub called Fork & Tap.

After some shopping and dining it’s time to settle in for the night.  At this point we know “freedom” camping is out of the question.

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Safe Travels,

Amber & Jules