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The Great Poop Debate

Whilst continuing our adventure down the east coast the “Great Poop Debate” begins.   It’s a battle of wills and strength of stomach.   The biggest question we as a couple have ever had to face.

Who is going to clean out the waste trap!!??

To all my more experienced camping friends out there I didn’t know that not all motor homes are created equal. Little did I know that there isn’t just a hose that you hook up to some pumping station.  Nope, I clearly wasn’t paying attention during that part of the in-service (my bad).   One has to actually pull out and industrial Tupperware type poop collection tray and dump it (pun intended).

Needless to say this person was NOT going to be me (even though I am responsible for desecrating our home on wheels).  Uh huh, no way, not going to happen.

The debate:

Jules:  You’re gonna have to dump that.

Me:  Fuuuuuck no!  You’re the man.  You have to do it!

Jules:  Nope you pooped you dump.

Me:  (seriously panicking and whining at this point) Honey, pleeeeaaaaassssseeee don’t make me do it.  If you love me you’ll do this.

Repeat conversation for the next several hours.

Back to the drive.  Next stop Queenstown.

Several hours later…

All I have to say my friends is thank GOD NZ is the camping capital of the world (this is of course is my personal opinion but I’m sure it’s nearly fact).

There are tons of sites scattered throughout NZ called Top 10 Holiday Parks or just Holiday Parks.   The overnight prices are so reasonable.  We paid approx $30 – 50 USD per night.    These are great spots for those in RV’s or if you prefer a quaint little cabin you can book one of those too!

Tonight we camp at

This means there are showers and proper toilets!!!   I’m still tormented by the thought of having to pull out the waste collection Tupperware thingy and dump it.  Jules is still not conceding!!  I’m beginning to think he is enjoying my torment…Ugh.

After dinner and a few hot hands of rummy (which of course I was totally kicking ass at until I just plain got my ass kicked), Jules finally (being the fantastic, wonderful, giving husband that he is) says he will dump the dump!

When a man loves a woman….

Deep sigh of relief.

This marks the last time anyone went #2 in the camper bathroom.

Happy Anniversary Honey!  I love you!

Safe Travels,

Amber & Julian